Utah: Who Should Be Your Internet Provider?

Hello, neighbor! 

If you live in Utah, we are your premier internet provider. We’re so confident we have the best service that we’re happy to have you do some shopping around, but let us take a moment to introduce ourselves Check out our guide to picking an internet provider.


Check out complaints about national internet providers, especially those that bundle multiple services. A good source for you to access is at advocacy.consumerreports.org

According to their studies, a “CR (consumer report) survey found telecommunications providers, which includes cable companies, are the worst offender when it comes to charging unexpected or hidden fees. What a cable company advertises to a consumer as a monthly price for services, and what the consumer actually ends up paying, can be dramatically different.” All our plan prices include all taxes and fees. They’re a basic flat rate that won’t be raised. Ever. 

You’ll find prices advertised for $35.00 a month for other internet providers, but after taxes, fees, and other incidentals, you’ll usually find out you end up paying almost double. 

Here’s a list of our residential plans.


Use your own wireless router or if you don’t have the proper equipment, we have the least expensive router rental program vs any competitors, simply $10 a month. This includes free replacements and maintenance if anything goes wrong.


To keep you working from home, streaming movies, and educating your children, we’ll put a dish on the roof of your house. To give you the best connection available, we’ll point that dish to the closest tower instead of into space and recommend you optimize your equipment for the best service. Why? Because this gives you a fixed wireless connection, meaning you’ll be working with reliable service. 

Utah Broadband’s network has been engineered using state-of-the-art, carrier-class equipment that provides 99.999% reliability. This is the same level of reliability offered by wired networks. We’re a commercial-grade internet provider and are committed to providing excellence in our broadband service.


We really are your neighbor. In fact, we’re proud to be local. 

What does this mean to you? When you contact us, you’ll find your wait time is the lowest in the business. No being on hold forever on the phone and listening to the same muzak peppered with announcements over and over again. We know our community and we’re here to serve you.


People are sometimes surprised by how many businesses rely on us as their internet providers. Utah Broadband has many large and well-known businesses that rely on wireless connections for their mission-critical needs, and have been doing so for years without any issues.

From multi-dwelling to commercial needs, we’re ready to get you set to handle all your client’s needs. All of our customers are important to us, whether we’re providing internet service to the inhabitants of a giant apartment complex or ensuring reliable service to you and your home; you matter.

* Available in most areas

Easy Guide to Choosing Your Internet Speed and Provider

One of the biggest problems with choosing an internet service provider is that what you see isn’t always what you get. You may choose a provider based on an advertised price that fits into your budget, only to suffer sticker shock when the bill comes in the mail.

Hidden fees and unexpected expenses can come as a huge surprise, and internet and cable providers are the number one offenders. Customer complaints with larger companies are particularly high, especially with those that bundle services. With internet, cable, and perhaps phone, companies motivate you to keep services so you can access the bundle prices of what you use. However, you end up paying more in fees but also pay extra to keep services you might not normally use.


Utah Broadband has free installation available. If you’re not in one of the areas we service, make sure to ask about the installation fees with your internet provider before you schedule an appointment. You can end up paying up to $300 for installation. Try to get a list of all their fees and taxes upfront. Also, check with your neighbors. They can tell you if they’re happy with their company, prices, and customer service.


We are a Utah company, meaning we provide service to our neighbors and use a local customer service team. This means if you call us, we have very low wait times. We rate high for our internet and are also known for our exceptional customer service. Once again, if you’re not local to Utah Broadband, research your internet’s customer service reputation online and check with your neighbors.

We hope this was helpful in your decision-making process. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.