Fiber Internet

Get Faster Internet with Utah Broadband Fiber!

Fiber Internet’s combination of speed, reliability and future-proofing capabilities makes it a great choice for individuals, businesses and communities that require high-quality Internet connectivity to support modern online activities and technologies.

Higher Speeds

Incredibly fast Internet, when you need it the most


Your upload speed matches your download speed


More resistant to external interference means fewer outages


As technology increases and demand for faster speeds increases.

Promotional Discounts Available

Fiber Internet plans starting at

$69 /month

Lease a Utah Broadband Managed Router for only $10/month!

Referral Program

Refer your friends and get FREE Internet!

For every new customer you refer that gets Internet installed, you’ll get a free month of Internet. Have them mention your name when they sign up and we’ll do the rest!

Fiber Internet Installation

Add information about Installation Process for Fiber

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Fiber Internet is Future Proof

The capabilities for fiber far exceed the current speeds offered, so you’ll be set as technology advances.

Streaming TV Services

We’ve partnered with MyBundle TV to help you choose the right streaming package for your family.

Router Management Services

Let us manage your router so you don’t have to! Lease a Utah Broadband router for only $10 a month!


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