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What is Mbps anyway?

The term Mbps stands for Megabits per second. This is the standard measure of “speed” or “bandwidth” for home internet connections. Mbps measures how many bits (units of digital information) can be transferred each second. 

Basically, the higher the Mbps, the faster your internet. But how much do you need? A lot of factors depend on your circumstances.

  • How big is your family?
  • How many devices are being used at once?
  • What are you using the internet for?
  • Do you have children going to school online? 
  • Do you work remotely?

Utah Broadband is now offering fiber-optic Internet services for a select group of cities in Utah, including Heber, Park City, Huntsville, Eden, and Liberty. We are excited to announce we will continue to expand our fiber optic territory through 2021, 2022, and beyond!

The advantage fiber-optic cables have over other traditional cables? They are faster, more reliable and not as vulnerable to brutal weather conditions.

Along with our new fiber service, we still offer our superior wireless technology that allows us to provide you with reliable speeds of up to 300 Mbps, which easily serves a multi-use household. 

Our new fiber service, however, will allow us to provide you with speeds of up to 1Gbps.

For multi-dwelling Internet service, give us a call to determine if we can fiber your community and provide you with the ultimate Internet experience.

Stay tuned and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Thank you, Utah, for making us your number one local residential and business Internet provider since 2002.  We look forward to continuing to serve you. We strive to steadily improve and provide advanced technology so we can continue to provide you with the best Internet service provider available. 

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RES 60

4K streaming Home automation Large downloads Cloud back-ups

RES 35

Home office Doorbell cameras Larger families with many users

Most Popular

RES 20

Our most popular plan Cord-cutters Online schooling Online gaming

RES 15

HD streaming like Netflix & Hulu for 2-3 devices simultaneously

RES 10

Social networking Streaming for 1 device at a time

UBB came the next day after I called for new service and it was up in an hour and a half. Friendly professional customer service. They made everything very easy.

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