What Education Activities Can My Kids Do On Our Home Internet Over Summer Vacation?

Summer vacation can be an exciting time for children, but it can also be hard to fill up their days without the structure of school. In order to make sure your kids’ downtime doesn’t become simply that – downtime – invest in some educational activities that they can do on your home residential broadband internet. These will not only help them learn new skills but also give them something fun to work on as the weather gets warmer and summer vacation gets underway.

Educational YouTube channels

YouTube is a great way to provide both entertaining and educational content for your children. There are countless channels that you can subscribe to and explore new ideas, concepts, and topics with your children while they’re out of school.  Make sure you double and triple-check the content they’re watching. Even go as far as pre-screening everything, and don’t let them watch YouTube unattended.

Educational podcasts

Podcasts provide a great way to engage your kids (and yourself) in a fun, educational format. Podcasts are essentially free radio shows that you listen to online. They’re both entertaining and educational. You can easily subscribe to podcasts by visiting sites like iTunes or Google Play Music, which have hundreds of options for listeners of all ages and interests.

Fun science activities

If your child loves science, look up some easy science experiments online. With adult supervision, a few pre-planned activities would be amazing to help them better understand the world around them.

Coding fun

If your children have an interest in gaming, consider getting them a coding app. There are several apps online that can teach them how to code, easily, while having fun!

Fun geography activities

The key to keeping your kids intellectually engaged while they’re out of school is finding fun and interactive ways for them to learn. One great way they can use your home computer or tablet during their free time is through interactive geography games. A favorite online game that provides hours of entertainment—and learning opportunities—is Virtual City, a geo-caching game that lets users collect various items as they travel around earth at a scale of 1:1.

So, don’t dread summer vacation. Technology makes it easy to keep learning even during the summer. You’ll probably need WiFi to keep everything going, though! If you’re looking for the best Utah internet provider, contact Utah Broadband to set up a time to get your internet set up.