Best Wifi Routers for 2022

Internet coverage is a massive part of our lives, and part of having the best coverage possible is having the best wireless router. It’s more than just going with the most tricked-out router; there are multiple points you’ll want to consider when choosing a new wireless router for 2022.

When it comes to how much bandwidth you need, you’ll need to think about how many people will typically be accessing the network at once. Think about what they’ll be doing with their internet access (gaming? Video calls? Social media? Checking email?)

As wireless needs increase in homes there are two major distinctions in home network types. So, what are the differences in traditional routers vs. mesh wifi routers? In short, a traditional standalone router will broadcast wifi from a single point in the home which typically works better in smaller homes or when you need to hardwire to a single point. A mesh network is multiple access points placed throughout the home to make sure you have better wireless coverage over a larger area.

With so many different routers coming onto the market, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten best wireless routers and mesh networks for 2022. It includes:

1. Eero Mesh: Utah Broadban's Favorite

Going with the Eero 6 + or Eero Pro 6, you are choosing a mesh network that gets you the most bang for your buck. A very easy to use, easy to setup, wireless mesh network. Additional signal extenders can easily be added if additional square footage is needed. Control your network through the eero application on Android or IOS.

Eero also contains Eero Secure, an additional service that has parental controls, including content filters and the ability to block and allow individual sites to help keep your family safe.

Utah Broadband is an authorized dealer of Eero devices. We have professional installers that install this equipment based on the size of your home. Give us a call, if you would like to talk to our network service department about installing eero equipment in your home or to learn more about our simple leasing program. 

2. TP-Link Deco Wifi 6 Mesh System

Another Solid contender in the Mesh category is the TP-Link Deco at a price point of $250 for 3 units this system contends with the other big players in the industry at a pretty affordable price.

Another system that is setup as easy as downloading an app on your IOS or Android smartphone. These devices also boast a robust set of parental controls that are setup easily in the Deco App.

3. Google Nest Wifi

Google Nest Wifi brings something a little unique to the table with their built in google home technology. Each point works with the router to widen coverage, as well as each device being a google home speaker that you can play music on, ask questions and more.

At a price point of around $250 for 2 units or $300 for 3 units this is our mid tier mesh network.

4. Linksys Velop Mesh

Linksys has always been a major player in the wireless industry and their Velop Mesh System is no different. Giving you up to 6000 sq ft of coverage with just 3 devices. Another setup that is just as easy as installing a mobile app.

Starting at $350 dollars this one has a higher price tag but gives you more coverage per device than some of the other systems on the list.

5. Ubiquiti UniFi Mesh

The enterprise level option on mesh networks. The Dream Machine and UniFi are meant for the largest homes and customers that are looking for full customization on their network. These devices give you access to every network statistic you could want along with some of the best coverage in the wireless industry.

Utah Broadband also installs and manages UniFi systems if you get the system through us. Any questions or pricing can be obtained through our network services department.


1. ASUS AC1750 WiFi Router

The Asus AC 1750 is one of the most solid stand alone routers for its price on the market. At a price of around $75 dollars this router is excellent at covering apartments, townhomes, condos and smaller homes. Very easy to set up via the asus app or any device with a web browser.  

2. Linksys EA7500 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router:

A step up in price, a step up in quality. The Linksys EA7500 is going to give a bit more coverage than our budget option. Starting at around $150 dollars this router is going to give about 2000 square feet of coverage. Along with parental controls and an easy setup with the Linksys app. 

3. TP-Link AX5400 WiFi 6 Router

As we get further down the line here we keep stepping up the game. The TP-Link AX5400 is the first WiFi 6 rated stand alone router on our list. At a $200 price point this router is capable of superior speed and coverage than the last stand alone options. Great for the frequent internet users, working from home and even gamers. 

4. TP-Link AX6000 WiFi 6 Router

The look of this router reflects its performance, out of this world. At around $250 the TP-Link AX6000 is going to give some of the best coverage and performance of a stand alone router on the market. Easy to setup, powerful technology. 

5. ASUS AX6000 WiFi 6 Gaming Router

For the gamer in your life. The Asus AX6000 is the most advanced stand alone router on our list sitting at a price of $300. This router sports 8 lan ports for various devices in the home as well as the AiMesh technology which gives you meshing capability with other compatible devices.

The Best Router for Your Home

To continue troubleshooting, read more about why your internet is so slow and how to speed it up in our blog post. Then get the best router for your home and family with these tips. You want a router that will serve you and your family well. When pairing a good router with your residential internet plan, there’s nothing better than finding the perfect options that work well together to get you high-quality, reliable internet.