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Choosing the Right Internet Speed for Your Family

It may be time to rethink your internet plan.

More and more family members are switching to remote work and online learning. Subpar home internet service is no longer an acceptable option with so much new activity hitting our households. Even after Covid-19 is no longer considered a threat, many businesses report they’re changing their attitude about office requirements and that remote work may continue after the pandemic is over. According to,Several big businesses plan to let much of their staff work from home permanently, even after the pandemic. Working from home could become the new normal — at least for some…”

Facebook is jumping on board with the idea of remote work being the face of the future. Mark Zuckerberg stated, “When you limit hiring to people who live in a small number of big cities, or who are willing to move there, that cuts out a lot of people who live in different communities, have different backgrounds, have different perspectives.” He also pledged to increase hiring, including remote opportunities. And Twitter”s CEO basically said all of their employees could work at home forever post-pandemic, if that’s what they want to do.This really might turn out to be our new normal. Even college classes might lean into heavier distance learning to keep costs low and allow more students to enroll.

Therefore, this temporary situation seems to be leading to permanent changes, and your access to superior internet service may need a permanent adjustment.This is what you’ll need to consider.


In most cases the answer to this question is, YES!! It is important though to understand that this means you are using multiple devices on the internet at the exact same time…. 

Someone may have 4 different devices that use the internet, such as, a cell phone, streaming TV, computer, and tablet, but at any given time you only use one at a time. In this situation having 20 Mbps of download speed and 5 Mbps of upload speed being using by only one device at a time will be sufficient.


Of course more people under one roof means it is more likely that multiple devices will be used at the same time. Older children are prone to more gaming, schooling and more data usage. All things to consider. 


First of all, what is 4K? Simply put, it is premium high resolution streaming. 4 x more than 1080p HD. 

According to The Science Times, “4K streaming is four times the size of standard HD, meaning it is four times heavier to carry to your device or television. The picture is clearer, but the process will slow your internet down to a lag if you are not using a 4K capable router. Bandwidth is usually the biggest issue with it, as 4K streaming bogs down the traffic throughout your network.” So, basically, if you want a crystal clear picture, eventually you’ll need our highest plan.

If you’re still struggling with where you fit on the scale, check out our guide to picking an internet speed for some help. The Federal Communications Commission recommends using this guide for a basic idea of which kinds of speed you should consider for your household. However, they also state that “these numbers are rough guidelines and are not based on surveys or experiments conducted by the FCC. You should use your best judgment when choosing your broadband service.” But this is a good place to start. Also, check out their speed guide to get an idea of what different online activities require.

Keep in mind, however, that your equipment will have a lot to do with your internet speed efficiency. You can have the fastest internet out there, but if your equipment is old, your service might still be too slow. Make sure your equipment is optimized to serve you best. Your internet service is only as fast as your computer can handle. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Because we’re local, we’re neighbors and we’re happy to help you figure out what you need.