What Is The Best Wireless Router

Having the equipment you need to hop online when you’re at home is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity. 

Before the pandemic, we were already leaning heavily on online resources. Now everyone is working and learning remotely from our homes, and it’s more important than ever. Every family member needs to be online for one reason or another, and they can’t wait to take turns.

It’s why every home needs to have access to superior internet service.

If you already have excellent service but need help optimizing what you have, check in with our troubleshooting service

Our team uses sophisticated software to analyze your current coverage gaps and design a low-cost solution to maximize your Wi-Fi coverage. 

If your access to online activity is not ideal, it’s often the equipment that’s the problem. 

It may be time to upgrade your router.

The Best Router for Your Home

We went on a hunt for the best equipment we could find. We wanted routers that would keep up with our excellent internet service. This is what we found.


Eero began as a startup in San Francisco that sold mesh Wi-Fi networking systems. 

According to CNBC, these systems let you “spread Wi-Fi all around your home instead of relying on a single Wi-Fi router and boosters to cover the whole house. If you have areas that never seem to get good coverage, a mesh Wi-Fi system can help solve that.”

Eero was not designed for gaming, but according to Robot Powered Home, “Eero and eero Pro are two mesh routers that have managed to offer amazing latency even on the most crowded networks.”

Security is also important to the developers of eero. According to their website, “Eero routers remain secure, despite a number of malware attacks focused on hacking consumer routers in the past few years. Eero is built with additional layers of security to ensure that every customer is safe and secure.”


It’s likely you’ve used Ubiquiti’s technology without even knowing it. The name of this company automatically makes you think of the word ubiquitous, which means existing and found everywhere. That appears to be Ubiquiti’s goal. 

If you’ve been in an airport, you’ve probably been online with Ubiquiti.

According to Techcrunch.com, “Ubiquiti is a well-known brand if you care about networking. Many companies, schools and public spaces use Ubiquiti access points to broadcast a Wi-Fi network across an entire building.” 

With enterprise-level service, Ubiquiti can turn your home into a professional-quality online environment. 

Ubiquiti is based in San José, California. 

We are Here to Help

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We’ll also check that your internet reaches all parts of your house. Whether you’re in the bedroom or your office, we want you to have access to the plan you’re paying for. Let’s be sure your equipment is capable of delivering those stellar speeds throughout all parts of your home.

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