Why Utah Broadband?

Advantages of Wireless - Residential

Utah Broadband Internet Service is fast, reliable and simple to use!  We don’t raise our rates, apply additional taxes or fees, or force you to bundle your TV and phone to get a good price. Switching to our service is painless and easy.

Because UBB owns the entire network, we have distinct advantages over our competitors.  Some of these advantages include:

  • Fast installation

  • Outstanding reliability

  • Superior local customer service

  • No price increases . . . ever

  • No hidden taxes or fees

It’s no secret that more people are working from home. During an important business meeting, the last thing you want is to lose your connection. 

Schools are also increasingly using the internet for online work. Your children need to get online often, and sometimes, all at the same time. Fast internet, that can handle the size of your household, is now a necessity. 

As a local company that’s provided Utah neighborhoods and businesses with excellent broadband internet service for almost 20 years, we know our business.

As your neighbor, our local customer service is nearby and ready to serve you. You won’t have to worry about long hold times or representatives who are on a timer for how long they’re allowed to talk to you. We stay with you until your concerns are resolved and you’re happy with your quality of service.

can take advantage of the strength and reliability of the business class network at your home. The sooner you switch, the sooner you can see why UBB customers become raving fans. Learn more about how Utah Broadband can solve your home internet problems.