Why Utah Broadband?

Advantages of Wireless - HOA

HOA’s and property managers have chosen Utah Broadband consistently over competitors because of UBB’s unique methodology and reliability in providing fast, consistent and problem-free Internet service for multi-dwelling facilities.

UBB’s industry-leading solution for high-density housing communities ensures that your tenants will see the following long-term benefits:

  • Fast speeds. We guarantee that users will see more consistent and higher speeds than with our competitors.

  • Individual upgradability. You can offer tenants a great bulk Internet solution, and simultaneously maintain the flexibility to allow individual tenants to upgrade their speed to meet their needs.

  • Security. UBB’s solution eliminates bandwidth saturation, virus proliferation, broadcast storms and malicious attacks within the community.

Utah Broadband provides multi-tenant communities with the best-of-breed Internet solutions. Call us to see why our HOA customers are thrilled with their Internet.