Top Internet Speed Tests in 2022

Speed test can help determine if you are getting all of the mbps speeds your are supposed to be receiving from your Internet Service Provider(ISP). Secondly, it can help you troubleshoot what is causing the slow speed. It is possible that your ISP is supplying your home with proper bandwidth but that your old wifi router is not properly transmitting the signal in your entire home. Or that the wifi receiver in your old laptop is not able to receive the full signal being transmitted.


Before running a speed test, you should ensure that your network environment is clean. This means making sure that nobody else is using the internet at that particular moment since someone streaming video downstairs or browsing the web in the kitchen will affect the test.

If you’re using an app on your phone, you want to make sure that your wifi is set to use the 5Ghz frequency (if your router supports it) and that the device you choose to run the test on is right next to the wifi router. Avoid having any obstructions between you and the router.

For anyone testing their internet speed using a laptop or desktop, you’re going to want to use an ethernet chord to connect your computer directly to the router. Desktop users won’t have any problems with this but laptop users might need an adapter with an Ethernet port. However, if you notice that the speeds are slower via Ethernet than they usually are over Wi-Fi, you should swap out your old Ethernet cable for a new one. We recommend using a CAT6 or higher Ethernet cable and you should also take a look at reviews before you buy to make sure it isn’t a fake. Running the test via a ethernet cable and via wifi will help you troubleshoot where the slow speeds are being caused. 

Before you run a speed test on either your phone or computer, you also want to make sure that all background applications are closed so that you can use all of the available bandwidth.


Using one of these best internet speed tests allows you to test the internet connection in each part of your home to determine if you have any Wi-Fi dead zones. If so, you might want to think about investing in a Wi-Fi extender or even making the switch from a traditional router to a mesh router for better coverage.

It’s worth noting that all speed test apps aren’t created equally though. Based on the way they’re coded, you might find your results to be slower in one app than in another.

1) Ookla's Speed Test

Our top choice is, which happens to be one of the oldest and most popular speed test on the internet. We find that it is the best free internet speed test for most peoples needs and should try it first.

Ookla’s Speed test has practically everything you could want in a free internet speed test tool and very easy to use.

2) Meteor by OpenSignal

Meteor by OpenSignal is a fast independent speed-test that offers reliable speed tests with a slick interface. Not only is it free, available on both iOS(opens in new tab) and Android(opens in new tab), it lays out in simple, plain terms what your internet speed is like.

Apart from offering download, upload and ping response times, it doesn’t give much deeper network information. It does, however, include information on cellular coverage, which could be handy when traveling.

You can also test performance on individual apps. For example, I was able to test network performance when trying to ping the servers for Pokémon Go.

Meteor by OpenSignal is one of those rare apps that looks and feels so high-quality, you’re surprised it’s being offered for free.

3) Speed Of Me

If you are looking for a good measure of your connection’s consistency, then is a test you should try. They show you the final results and how consistent your connection is throughout the speed test, which is crucial if you are testing for video calls or online gaming.

However, more data can mean that said data is a bit harder to interpret. You might need to spend a little more time analyzing the results, which is not ideal if you need to do an internet speed test quickly and are in a hurry. 

4) Test My Net

A comprehensive option people looking for accuracy will love is: It is a wifi speed test that runs on HTML5 and is independent of any sources of bias. It focuses on fuction above all else, and it functions wonderfully!

It can be a little harder to look at than the other test sites, and you might have to click through a few more pages, but provides some of the most in-depth data available from an internet speed test. It also compares your results to the averages of your city, your host, and more.