Importance of High-Speed Internet When Running a Business

Whether your business is small or large, your internet service can make or break your bottom line.

The ability to communicate with your customers, research important projects, and complete the work relies on that internet connection. If your competitors can move faster and more reliably, you’ll soon fall behind.

Even if you don’t have a shopping cart online, which absolutely requires the best internet available, there are still many reasons not to skimp when it comes to a companies internet plan.


Applications that keep your business running tend to be cloud-based, and you’ll need to get your data quickly at any moment. 

According to Flexera, cloud-spaced data storage is a priority for more companies now and in the future. In fact, they state that “optimizing existing cloud use remains at the top of companies’ 2021 priority list for the fifth year in a row, followed by migrating more workloads to the cloud.” 

Company Productivity

Daily internet use is likely a large part of your employees’ job descriptions. Their assignments, special projects, and daily tasks are probably reliant on their online connection. 

According to Small Business Trends, “If you or your employees spend half of each day online doing research, accessing systems or dealing with customers and vendors, that amounts to 4 hours per day. If 5 percent of that time is wasted due to slowness, over a year’s time that’s 50 hours per employee. If 10 percent is wasted, it’s 100 hours per year per employee. Add it up and it could be many thousands of dollars lost.”

So your customers and your employees depend on the efficiency of your internet. At Utah Broadband, we have a variety of business plans that can keep your business efficient, whether you’re large or small. 

From customized circuits of up to 10 Gigs for the Enterprise and Multi-Dwelling plans, and unlimited data transfer under the Enterprise, we are ready to provide your company with the service your employees and customers need.

Flawless Collaboration

Good broadband internet for the whole company allows your employees to easily collaborate on group projects, even if they’re not at the same location. 

Online applications like Google Docs and company teamwork platforms keep all the work organized, accessible, and transparent. These collaborative apps even allow your employees and clients to work together to ensure they share the same vision.

According to, “a collaboration app is any piece of software that helps people get work done together. These apps save us from having to email one another, knock on doors, and leave voicemails every time we wrap up some piece of work and pass it along to the next person. They let people know about activity on work that pertains to them.”

Collaborative applications as an organizational tool save hundreds of hours of wasted time for your business, but you need a decent internet service to take advantage of what they have to offer.

Easy cloud access, customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and company collaboration all adds up to good internet being good business. Without it, businesses can’t compete in the modern market and will struggle to succeed.

At Utah Broadband, we offer a variety of services for different types of businesses. High speeds will keep you running and profitable. We even offer backup connections to ensure you can serve your customers well.

With great internet service, there are limitless opportunities and applications out there that can help you strengthen your business. Find the right internet plan today.