Does your business have Internet REDUNDANCY?

Disasters can happen at any time . . . and they do happen all the time. Often, these disasters impact critical communication systems. Does your business have a back-up plan for your Internet?

Internet is so vital to a business today it is like breathing. Without the Internet many businesses start to shut down. Whether it’s an unexpected cable or fiber cut, a telephone line malfunction, or other Internet downtime, with a Utah Broadband Disaster Recover Connection all you have to do is “flip the switch” and Utah Broadband will keep you breathing. No phone calls, no hassle, it is all controlled by you.

Utah Broadband provides the strongest and most unique Disaster Recovery and Backup Internet solution for businesses in the market.  Call us today to see which plan works best for your business.

  • Disaster Recovery Service — Gold: The Gold Plan is optimal for businesses that need a backup for non-critical processes and work. It operates on our Commercial network and provides your business the peace-of-mind that you will never be without Internet service.
  • Disaster Recovery Service — Platinum: The Platinum Plan is designated for businesses that need high capacity Internet connectivity for their critical processes in the event their primary link fails. Because this service is tied into our Enterprise system, it is designed to 99.999% reliability and is monitored 24/7.