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Utah Broadband has one of the most reliable services in Utah. Built on the backbone of our Commercial Grade platform, UBB offers faster speeds, more uptime and superior customer service.

The numbers speak for themselves…over 40% of all new customers come from referrals by friends or family! No wonder we are one of the fastest growing ISPs in Utah.

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Package Speeds Price Typical Uses
Residential 5 5 M / 512 K $39.95 Basic web browsing, email, shopping, social networking, limited streaming
Residential 10 8 M / 2 M $49.95 HD streaming like Netflix and Hulu, video chat
Residential 15 13 M / 2 M $59.95 HD movies, online schooling, continuous music streaming, online gaming like Xbox Live
Residential 20 18 M / 2 M $69.95 Working from home, home automation, online gaming, multiple devices, and more


Residential Plans

Residential Services includes:

  • 24x7 Phone Support
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