Unique Methodology


Utah Broadband (UBB) builds a managed local area network (LAN) throughout your community using Fiber, Cat5e, Cat6, and/or wireless depending on the accessibility.

Internet Connectivity
We provide a high-speed internet connection to the property. This connection is generally a high capacity wireless point to point, a fiber connection, or both. To ensure reliability for your community, UBB uses multiple upstream connections to provide automatic failover at our Network Operation Center.

Network Distribution
UBB delivers Internet to each unit through the use of Cat5e Ethernet cable.  Each Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) is set up a little differently and UBB is prepared to adapt the infrastructure to our high quality standards.

Our Competitors Solution
Our competitors use one shared internal network instead of a Managed LAN. An example of what an MDU will experience with this type of network is bandwidth starvation. Without proper bandwidth management at the user level it only takes a few highly active internet users to use up the entire connection.  This results in the other users having poor speeds, high latencies, and an overall frustrating experience.   
Another downside to this type of set up is that users on the network can see and access any of the other devices on the network.  As a result, personal information is less secure and all users are more susceptible to viruses and other malicious software.

Our Solution
Using industry-leading technology UBB allows for management at the individual user level, which ensures that each resident receives the internet speeds securely, equally, and fairly. We guarantee that users will see more consistent, higher speeds, and better latencies than users will see in a shared network.

UBB configures each unit as its own Virtual Network, isolated from the Virtual Networks of other units.  This helps eliminate the spreading of viruses and other cyber attacks.

Because of the way UBB manages the network, individual users have the option to upgrade their connection to a higher speed in minutes without affecting other users or the reliability of the HOA provided connection.

Quick Installation
Since UBB owns and maintains its own equipment and network, we are able to deploy a high-speed solution quickly, without the delay that comes with installing other solutions. UBB can typically provide an internet feed to the community 3-6 weeks faster than our competitors.