HOA Services

Utah Broadband provides bulk Internet service for all types of high-density housing, including multi-dwelling units (MDU’s), home owner associations (HOA’s), hotels and apartments.

UBB will conduct a comprehensive site survey of the property at no charge and outline a proposal to provide our solution to your tenants.

UBB designs and implements a network solution specific to each property. Using state-of-the-art equipment and applying our “secret sauce” in our network design and management, tenants are guaranteed to have more consistent speeds, lower latencies, higher security and less downtime.

Bulk pricing provides great advantages to the tenants. Most of our clients include the Internet price as part of the HOA dues or rent. By aggregating all of the tenants into one bill, UBB can deliver faster speeds at a lower cost to the whole community.

There are several factors that impact the pricing, such as desired speed, length of term, number of tenants, etc.  For more details about pricing for your community, contact one of our high-density housing specialists.

Your community will benefit by choosing Utah Broadband for the following reasons:

  • Internet is fast becoming a mandatory amenity provided by many HOA’s and Property Owners.  Providing your tenants with high-speed Internet service is a competitive advantage.
  • Providing an excellent Internet service for your prospective tenants will drive occupancy rates up and increase housing values.
  • Implementing UBB’s Internet solution will save the HOA and tenants a significant amount of money.  Competitive solutions are generally priced one to three times higher. 

Selecting UBB as your provider is simple.  Our system is guaranteed to have far fewer problems than competing solutions.  Also, by exclusively using UBB, you minimize your need to interact with multiple providers.