Utah Broadband’s Network Topology

Utah Broadband designed and built a robust network capable of providing businesses and residents alike with exceptional reliability and the speeds our customers demand.

Our Fiber Backbone consists of fiber connectivity with three separate Tier 1 upstream providers connected to two geographically diverse Network Operation Centers (Core 1 and Core 2). This redundancy and quality of uplink ensures that we never go down and our speeds and latencies are carrier-grade. Additionally, we have fiber connectivity between the two Cores, adding additional redundancy. Taking it even a step further, we have an FCC Licensed High Capacity Wireless link between Core 1 and Core 2 to ensure that a fiber interruption due to construction or otherwise does not disconnect the two Cores.

Using Layer-3 switching throughout our network, BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), Utah Broadband is able to provide seamless network convergence in the event of a link failure.

UBB Network Topology

In essence, UBB’s backbone, which connects multiple carriers at multiple locations using multiple paths, creates unparalleled reliability and speed.

Extending reliability to our customers over our Wireless Backbone is of utmost importance to us. To that end, UBB has engineered several core wireless rings connecting each of our Repeater Sites throughout the network. These rings are routed using OSPF over high capacity FCC licensed links and fiber connections ensuring that there is not a single point of failure at any of our key network sites.

Our Wireless and Fiber Backbones are engineered to 99.999% reliability and maintain sub-1 millisecond latencies.

Each Repeater Site utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and wireless technologies to ensure our customers get excellent Internet performance and reliability. Our Access Points, which distribute service to our customers, are based on MIMO (Mutiple-Input Multiple-Output) to provide more reliable connectivity and faster speeds. Each access point transmits and receives intervals that are synchronized via GPS Sync pulse, which also helps to mitigate interference.

Utah Broadband‘s network is built to provide exceptional reliability and robust speeds capable of meeting the Internet needs of our customers.