The benefits of 24/7 reliable Internet

Dannon is a worldwide leader in the industry of manufacturing and distributing yogurt. Utah is home to one of their largest facilities with over 10,000 square feet, employing hundreds of people and producing 100,000 half-pints of yogurt per day.

The Dannon Company requires 24/7 reliable Internet service to manufacture and distribute their renowned yogurt. In 2006, Dannon turned to Utah Broadband to provide a stable Internet solution for their business.

“Utah Broadband provides exceptional competitive primary Internet service. We do not view them as an alternative but as a mainstream Internet service provider, as reliable as any other,” said Christian Fobair, Dannon IS Site Operations Partner.
"Installing a high-capacity wireless Internet solution through Utah Broadband has been a huge benefit to our business,” commented Fobair.

Utah Broadband currently serves four Dannon locations in Utah.