Connexion Point
Getting connected, faster

After being awarded a multi-million dollar contract, Connexion Point (cPx) needed to open a call center with over 200 agents and be operational within two weeks. Having relied on Utah Broadband (UBB) for corporate service for several years, cXp turned to UBB for this bandwidth problem as well as to many other providers. None of the other providers contacted about cPx’s Internet needs were able to install sufficient bandwidth with the quality of service needed quickly enough to meet cPx’s deadline.

The solution
However, UBB engineered a solution that met cXp’s needs and installed the link within three days.  “We were able to build out the facility, staff, train the agents and meet the project deadlines all in the new center due to UBB’s rapid response and quality service,” said Robert McMichael, Connexion Point’s CEO.

The results
But it didn’t stop there. Within four weeks of launching the new call center on UBB’s network, cXp’s client added a significant requirement to their original contract. The client asked cXp to handle and route all of their call center traffic, which was ten times the amount of normal traffic.  With every other carrier, this request would take weeks; however, UBB was able to increase the bandwidth instantaneously to meet the new demands.

McMichael commented on this feat, saying,

“We were able to increase the daily call volume from 2,000 calls to 20,000 calls per day without any loss of calls—thanks to the quick response of Utah Broadband’s team of telecom professionals!”